Threefold Architects


  • A rural community

Threefold Architects have carried out an in depth feasibility study and pre-planning application to establish a strategic design for the development of Heath Fields in Oxfordshire. The site is currently a disused poultry farm with several agricultural buildings remaining on site.

By establishing the total Permitted Development (PD) Rights that should be afforded to the site, we were able to demonstrate a scheme that proposes a reasonable approach to the use of this PD.

The proposal ‘redistributes’ the equivalent area of the PD rights in the form a residential only development clustered around three nodes, with the aim of offering the 2 existing road side cottages as an affordable housing contribution. The proposal introduces 14 new houses in total. 

The design of the masterplan took inspiration from the formation and growth of surrounding villages whilst the form and materiality of the buildings drew inspiration from the local vernacular. Long houses, gabled houses and farmsteads are proposed in sequence along the drive.

Project Data

Client: Private Developer

Type: Residential 

Area: 34,000 sqft

Status: Pre-Planning

Location: Oxfordshire