The Crown Estate

Threefold Architects are finalists in the Crown Estate Future Office Competition to Re-envision the Crown Estate's commercial and workspace portfolio. 

Our vision for the Future Office is to capitalise on the Crown Estate’s unique portfolio of concentrated Central London property, rural land, ‘out of town’ shopping centres and infrastructure to deliver a ‘network’ of flexible high-quality and healthy co-working spaces in both urban, rural and fringe locations. 

Co-working is fast becoming the new mode for working, creating opportunities to connect, exchange and crossover between individuals, companies and corporations. The breadth of the Crown Estate’s portfolio provides an opportunity to enhance their existing work space provision through the activation of outmoded spaces providing affordable, flexible co-working spaces which in turn will attract new business talent.  We are proposing a club membership approach, where through the delivery of new co-working hubs both in and out of town, within the rural environment and shopping centre locations, workers will be able to operate in a number of locations depending on their business needs.

stage 1 board section top view side diagram