Art Gallery Dubai

Threefold Architects recently formulated initial proposals for the fit out of a large events space, gallery and artist studios in an old warehouse located in an arts and cultural district in Dubai.

We were particularly interested in layering the buildings history and its future. Once a marble factory and now to be an arts venue, we have conceived a design concept which seeks to subtly overlay these two occupations.

We were interested in the formation, extraction, processing and use of marble, and the parallel between this and the production and display of art. Our design approach seeks to draw from the physical, textural and spatial qualities of this journey in the manifestation of these spaces.

We have proposed a conceptual approach which mirrors in the design of the spaces the journey of marble from quarry to end use - from rough to honed - from landscape to object.

Event Space yard Studio Space Image A Studio Space Image A night Studio Kitchen 1 Studio 1st Studio Space GL JB Event GL Event GL SML EVENT