Forest Gate Co-mmunity

Our vision is the creation of a ‘CO-mmunity’ fostered by an environment that encourages and facilitates crossover, collaboration and co-operation. A warm, exciting but safe environment where people share the benefits of living and potentially working together whilst also having the ability to enjoy their own private space. 

Our vision is to distill the key aspects (or crossover points) of a ‘traditional’ community (the kitchen table, the door step, the cafe, the village green, the bustop, the gym....) and combine them into a singular, co-living environment. This would be manifested, spatially, by an active    ‘courtyard’ the most important single space and catalyst for co-living. The courtyard is at the centre of the building through which all circulation passes and where all core communal activities take place.

The diagrams here present our core concept of graduating a series of private to public scenarios, vertically and horizontally throughout the building. We have proposed a basement that is open to the public with a cafe, co-working space, maker space and events space which will provide valuable revenue as well as creating a revitalised ‘heart’ of energy and culture for the development and the wider community. As you move up through the central courtyard of the building, kitchen, dining and living spaces for residents are combined with a dynamic circulation route encouraging crossover and collaboration, with private studios set around the perimeter of each plan.

Our massing proposal creates 42 Studio units and 285sqm of lettable space and is structured around the  creation of a tall thin studio unit with a mezzanine bed. This provides a dramatic double height space with good quality top light where the sleeping area has the added benefit of being separate from the living spaces. Crucially the small unit footprint has enabled densification of the site along its eastern boundary where planning and the rights of light envelope best allows, thereby enabling us to create the amenity courtyard space at the heart of the building.



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