Threefold Architects have produced a concept design for a new Arts Hotel in Manor House, East London. The concept for The Green Rooms is inspired by the rich architectural tapestry of the city that surrounds it. The proposal is to create a unique new hotel ‘community’ for artists, young professionals and other like minded guests that offers a range of flexible and affordable accommodation options and communal spaces for socialising and agile working. 

On the first and second floors, rooms are conceived of as a series of different 'houses' arranged to form 'streets' in place of corridors, with a central ‘community garden’ for shared working/socialising opposite the main entrance to the floor. Each house will have a front garden containing a bench/locker for secure storage, creating a public private threshold, which is a place for thinking, resting,working or exchange with one’s neighbours. 

The ground floor contains reception, bar, hotel shop, restaurant, two dorm rooms a 'living room' and an external garden space. Whilst the top floor contains a dramatic vaulted roofed function room, bar and flexible events space.