LFA Royal Docks

A new Street for Silvertown, the Low Street, combines flexible and affordable work spaces for London’s creative industries alongside social and community facilities. The street creates physical, economic and social connections, a place where programmes and spaces overlap and are set against the vast and dramatic backdrop of the Silvertown flyover. It is a dynamic, vital armature providing valuable ‘community infrastructure’ for the 20,000 proposed homes planned across the area (by 2037) and envisaged to be part of London’s New City in the East.

Using references from a typical High Street, we have proposed a series of public spaces at ground level; The Park, The Square, The Lanes coupled with a sequence of inhabitable higher level walkways and bridges. Each provide the backdrop for a number of overlapping activities and programmes; co-working and event spaces, retail and studios/maker spaces, community facilities and movement infrastructure. 

A series of walkways and modular polycarbonate enclosures of various sizes are proposed to be inserted beneath the Silvertown Flyover. The modular nature of the elements and the masterplan of the street, enables the development to be constructed in phases and rolled out underneath the length of the flyover. 

A clear pedestrian and cycle route running along the high street creates a new active and connected frontage meeting the public realm which weaves under and through the city. This connects up the creative, communal and economic activities within the area and along the street.

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