Threefold Architects developed a design proposal for the Peabody Trust for new housing on a large courtyard site within an existing housing estate. 

A key challenge was to create homes that feel private whilst improving the public realm for new and existing residents. To achieve this with the units required the scheme seeks to create a fine grain of interwoven buildings and external spaces distributed across the site, instead of the creation of another a dense singular volume.

The proposal is conceived as an abstraction of the archetypal domestic occupation of public space, a picnic blanket is rolled across the central courtyard, lapping up the edges of the bounding blocks. The gingham dia-grid establishes both a structural framework for the landscape to sit within and a metaphorical blanket for occupation. Threefold have created an inhabited landscape garden, which provides a variety of public, semi public and private external spaces for new and existing residents. The arrangement of the volumes and varied texture of the landscape establish links across the courtyard and encourage connectivity between the new and existing dwellings.

peabody threefold architects 01 peabody threefold architects 02 peabody threefold architects 03