Ruston Mews

Threefold Architects have just gained planning permission for the creation of an additional storey to 20 mews houses in the Ladbroke Grove area of Kensington, London.

In what we believe to be one of the largest co-housing refurbishments in London, Threefold Architects have worked with a group of 20 different existing households to form an association, develop a brief and produce an elegant design which creates a uniform addition to the mews, whilst also providing the flexibility to allow internal spaces to be individually configured to meet the varying needs of the residents. Given the multi headed nature of the client, Threefold chose to construct a live blog site through which they have successfully communicated the development of the design and received feedback from the community throughout the process.

The form of the extension was developed through rigorous experimentation with physical models. The resultant volume has been designed to draw light into the centre of the plan through large rooflights whilst maintaining a low profile on top of the existing buildings so as to minimise impact on the opposite side of the mews. The construction will be from prefabricated solid timber panels enabling the extension to be erected on site quickly with minimal disturbance.

Planning Permission has been granted on appeal and against local planning policy, creating the chance for an established community containing many growing families to expand their existing 2 bedroom homes and stay together.

RUSTON birds eye 150722 STREET VIEW 13113 102 Proposed Roof Plan edit Ruston Mews model process Ruston Mews massing studies Ruston mews elevations ruston mews sections Ruston Mews Building Section 13113 100 Plans threefold_architects_ruston_musings Threefold-Architects-Ruston-Mews-Model