Working Communities: London Festival of Architecture 2016

Common Ground: Can chance crossovers cultivate communities? 

As part of the London Festival of Architecture 2016, Threefold architects held two events discussing and examining the role of architecture in creating successful working and living communities. 

Here is a quick summary of the headlines from our 'Working Communities' event held at our new HQ for Airbnb: 

On the night we heard from:

Matthew Driscoll spoke about Threefold Architects' design of new workspaces for Bathroom Brands and the venue for the night Airbnb's UK HQ.  Both projects explored the creation of spaces that through their design and programmatic function promote movement, physical crossovers and interaction between co-workers.

Key points that emerged were:

David Johnston spoke about his background at Accept & Proceed and how both his experience as a user and his skills as a designer helped shape the design of their new co-working space.

Key points that emerged were:

Carys Roberts discussed her research into open workspaces in London and their effect on creativity and economic growth.

Key points that emerged were:


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