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We believe buildings need to do more for us. Help us be more productive, friendlier & inspired.

COMING SOON - Pocket Living

Recently completed office fit-out for Pocket Living

Threefold have completed the extensive restoration, conversion and extension of two derelict late-19th century former commercial buildings in North London, creating four new apartments for contemporary urbanites.


Facade Studies for Brick X Brick

Our new project in #clerkenwell is now on site - check out the bespoke #douglasfir profiles on the #joinery wall!


Development sketches of our #newbuild house design in #Whitstable - bringing the established #mocktudor style of the area into the 21st century


View - Brick x Brick

Three schemes in Croydon for Brick x Brick are underway.

View - Brick x Brick

Elevation - Brick x Brick

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Kicking off 2019 by taking a moment to look back and reflect on some of our achievements from the last...


We consider how people will move, think, behave & feel in & about our buildings. 



Internal studies of a series of meeting ‘caves’ for one of our new workspace projects


We consider how people will move, think, behave & feel in & about our buildings. 

#sneakpeak ‘Under the Hood’ of our latest residential project in Greenwich, which is nearing completion!


"Two pavilions designed by Threefold Architects, situated at either end of a south London garden, draw material inspiration from the construction of the original house and bracket a new swimming pool, created as part of the same project. The architect proposed two “simple brick buildings with a shared architectural language”, connected by a stone path running along the garden’s northern boundary."

Architecture Today

Feeling festive this morning with a bit of woodcutting for our Christmas cards!


A splash of colour to brighten up a grey day...excited to see our our new sign, ready to be installed outside the office!



Garden Pavilions - Featured in Architects Journal, Archdaily, Dezeen and Architecture Today

Elevation studies for some of our latest housing schemes testing balconies, brickwork and bays


We are VERY excited to launch our new identity and website!


Model - A workplace without boundaries

Runner up for Workspace without Boundaries competition for Lendlease

View - A workplace without boundaries

“We were struck by Threefold’s powerful concept design and impressed by their beautiful scheme which addressed the landscape so well.”


Fresh out of the #3Dprinter is a contextual massing model for our new farm manager’s house, located within the #DartmoorNationalPark


A Co-living Co-mmunity

A home for Airbnb

Pocket Living

Composition - A collaborative cloud for Virgin

“Our new workspace really embodies Pocket Living – elegant and affordable, playful and functional, a design which responds directly to its place in the city. The simple architectural intervention successfully organises the space and has become the backbone of the office, its created a calm and studious atmosphere giving us the perfect balance of lively collaboration and quiet concentration. Threefold were great to work with, they really got us and have delivered a great scheme on time and on budget “ Angharad Palmer - Pocket Living

Sketch - A home for Airbnb

Part of the process....kicking off the week with some model making!


Our ongoing projects will deliver over 100 homes across five London boroughs and 100,000 sqft of modern workspace.

Making a splash with the completion of our pair of Garden Pavilions for contemplation and wellness set at either end of a mature garden in South London. Perfect timing for this glorious weather we’re having!


View - A living and working community

View - Cloak house

Elevation studies - Whitstable new build 

Model - A future office for the Crown Estate

An orangery for Airbnb

Model - Rescuing a ruin

News: Website launch. Thank you to all those who worked with us - Studio Thomas,  Deb Khan, Andy Donohoe and the Threefold team.

Sneak preview of our #newbuild house design in #Whitstable - subverting the established #mocktudor style of the area by placing #charredtimber atop some #leggy #concretecolumns


We partner with people who have a point of view & aspire to achieve remarkable designs

View - A future office for the Crown Estate

Pavilions within a garden

Model - An island hotel

View - Homes for horses in the national park

View - A farmstead on Dartmoor

‘Threefold undertook one of the most difficult assignments, to design and obtain consent for a new dwelling in the heart of Dartmoor National Park. Now consent has been secured and appreciated, the design has been exceptionally well received. Threefold have proven to be in a league of their own, best in class and a team we will continue to work with at every opportunity’. Charles Godfrey – Dartmoor Farmer

View - A sky space for Tribeca

Planning Permission granted for new farmstead in Dartmoor National Park

View - A farmstead on Dartmoor

View - A new storey for co-living community

Where brewery meets bar

A view into Central London 

Model - A future office for Crown Estate

Everything we make has a positive footprint.

An elevation of an upcoming extension 

View - A sky space for Tribeca

A secret garden house

A secret garden house

We formed Threefold to enhance the way in which people live and work.

View - An island hotel

View - An island hotel

We harness technology, innovative modes of construction and our clients ambitions to deliver simple elegant and distinctive solutions.

Field work - Homes for horses in the national park

Model - A campus for Ella's Kitchen 

Plan - A rural community

Drawing - Homes for horses in the national park

Planning permission has been granted for an Equestrian Facility in the South Downs National Park.

Elevation - Homes for horses in the national park