Threefold Architects


  • Framing diverse ways of working

Threefold Architects were appointed to create a new workspace for housing developers Pocket Living. The success of the project is summed up in a quote from their Head of Design Angharad Palmer “Our new workspace really embodies Pocket Living – elegant and affordable, playful and functional, a design which responds directly to its place in the city. The simple architectural intervention successfully organises the space and has become the backbone of the office, it’s created a calm and studious atmosphere giving us the perfect balance of lively collaboration and quiet concentration. Threefold were great to work with, they really understood us and have delivered an excellent scheme on time and on budget“

A forty-metre long meandering inhabited wall for housing developers Pocket Living, creates a permeable threshold between the public and private side of their new Covent Garden workspace. The central figure winds through the unusual shaped space as a formative and functional element modestly constructed to reflect the company’s design-focussed, cost-effective approach.

Openings along its length are carefully co-ordinated to set up vistas through the layered workspace and onto the original windows which frame detailed views of the surrounding historic building fabric. While separating front and back of house activities, the threshold wall goes further in containing and enclosing spaces which are utilised as meeting rooms, wellness rooms and canteen spaces.

Along its path the function of the wall varies, it begins with banquet seating in a private meeting room at its very apex, in the main the workspace it containsextensive storage and display cabinetryalong with spaces for discrete informal team meetings and solo working, and terminates by forming a fully equipped kitchen, dining space, and wellness room.

Client: Pocket Living

Type: Workspace 

Area: 625 sqm

Status: Completed

Location: Central London